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We believe in hackathons as focused entrepreneurial processes.

We have the expertise to guide various domains and can tailor the best hackathon experience for you.

As we approach each hackathon or process, we build a dedicated team comprised of members from your organization and ours.

We provide support in everything needed to execute the hackathon successfully.

האקתון בשביל החיים
אתגר ה-100k - האקתון בנושא בינה מלאכותית בחינוך
האקתון 2023 - תחום נוער בקהילה

How its done

  • dentifying challenges, refining them, and tailoring them to the hackathon.

  • Issuing Save The Date to entrepreneurs and participants.

  • ​Defining the hackathon process and criteria for initiatives.

  • Establishing a community of entrepreneurs and participants.

  • Organizing speed-dating events for forming multi-disciplinary work teams.

  • Defining supportive digital systems for idea submission and fostering discussion around the initiatives.

  • Filtering good ideas to generate a quality selection of initiatives.

  • Connecting relevant mentors and experts to the initiatives.

  • Hosting an Academy for your content world and entrepreneurial to provide a quality toolkit for entrepreneurs to implement their solutions.

  • Defining and planning the event - from team allocation to positioning each stage of the hackathon.

  • Assisting in the production of aids and marketing materials for the hackathon.

  • Planning the event line-up, including all content-related stages (checkpoints, lectures, activities, and more).

  • Preparing the entrepreneurs and participants for the event day.

  • Training mentors and judges.

  • Defining the judging process - semi-finals, finals. Preparing digital judging forms and consolidating results in real-time.

  • Support in developing a follow-up plan.Suppo

  • Developing the infrastructure for a focused work plan at your premises.

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