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About the Studio

Innovation is a term that accompanies many businesses today, but it often seems reserved for large organizations or startups. However, innovation processes can also be applied in small to medium-sized businesses.

Our studio adopts methods from the world of design and creative thinking, integrating them into a process aimed at enhancing the business value proposition to strengthen the solutions and products developed by the business or initiative. The studio tailors the appropriate guidance for any business or project.

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The studio was established by Asaf Perl-Bershadsky following his discharge from the IDF. Asaf served as an officer specializing in providing unique operational and instructional solutions in his field.

Today, Asaf serves as the Innovation Manager of Eco-tism, advising and accompanying the Tel Aviv Municipality in the establishment of an innovation space for urban agriculture, along with other projects under the studio's umbrella.

Academically, Asaf holds a Bachelor's degree in Learning Technologies and a Master's degree in Innovative Design and Entrepreneurship.

Asaf, an initiator active in the innovation communities, has been accompanying entrepreneurs in recent years, teaching and mentoring within the framework of a Master's degree in Design and Innovation at the College of Management, and mentoring in private and social frameworks such as Michal Sela Forum, accelerators, hackathons in the IDF and other organizations. He accompanies leading youth in innovation processes, entrepreneurship, and design thinking in community projects. He lectures in the field of creative thinking, innovation, and Design Thinking, actively partnering in the innovation communities of the Ministry of Defense, the Air Force, and the innovation eco-system in Israel.

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