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Innovation is a process that adds value to a solution. If our solution misses the value it could provide the user, innovation has failed.

When we want to create a quality process of understanding and empathy, we need to learn to look so that we can reflect on what we've seen.

When we look, it's not just about describing what we see; it's also about describing what we don't see. To truly see, we must stop looking and start seeing.

Seeing involves using all our senses and emotions. It means remembering the feelings, smells, and tastes we experienced when we saw something.

Learning to see is something we can practice as much as possible.

If you're standing before a whiteboard filled with drawings and words, take two steps back and look at everything together. Then return when you remember what you saw.

When observing someone working as part of the learning process, get closer because merely "seeing" them during work isn't wisdom. You need to smell the sweat, hear their heavy breath while lifting something heavy, and write everything down.

When creating a persona, use what it sees, feels, does, and says.

Try to practice "seeing" as much as you can. If you don't learn to do this process, it will be challenging to find a valuable solution.

Here are two exercises that will help you practice "seeing":

  1. Draw the cover of the last book you read, whether you know how to draw. What did you see?

  2. Describe the most impressive landscape you've ever seen. Who were you with? How long were you there? What did the place itself look like?

After you complete one of these exercises, you'll remember to "see" better next time.

Feel free to share what you came up with in these exercises!

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